Monday, April 25, 2011

Frugal Simplicity

I know, I promised updates... but I'm just not feelin' it. It's old news to me, ya know?

So, I'll keep you hanging by posting something that's of recent greater interest to me.

In light of the increase in food prices, gas prices, and unfortunately, utilities, I am on a renewed quest to live better on less. For a while I entertained ideas for increasing the amount we have in our budget. While some of these ideas have not been completely crossed off my list, I have come to a few conclusions.

First, any avenue for increasing our monthly income, short of me going to work full time, will take a little while for us to see that increase. However, spending less will give me results NOW... and that's when I need them!

Second, spending less will mean buying less. Less equals more simple. Simple sounds good. It's complicated, frustrating, and exhausting always trying to provide for your WANTS. I do recognize, however, that simplicity will require a retraining of the mind that is so primed to find ways to get what it wants. But, it will be a challenge, and I'm counting on that factor to fuel me forward!

So, I will be sharing any fabulous ideas I come across, as well as those to which I recommit myself. Our food budget is already stripped to the lowest I am willing to go. Our monthly food budget is just right at the three digit mark, and going any lower would begin to hurt us nutritionally, I think. So, any great ideas you want to share? Who want to join me? Anyone?


Michelle said...

I am in! I am excited to read your ideas so I can learn from you!

Mama Carol said...

Simple is good! 25 years ago we lived on $50 a month... and 'gleaned from the fields' whatever we could! WY is a LOT different from CA however, and farmers no longer let people pick up after their harvesters. I'm planning to plant some things, but I'm open to suggestions too. <3 Keep in touch!